Pamela's students book at a FIVE TIMES higher rate than the average professional actor.  Her students are some of the most sought after actors in theatre, film, and television.
Why is that? 
It is simply because of the tips and tricks that she teaches them.  In just one coaching session, Pamela can teach the student how to impress the casting director as soon as they enter the room, and how to really connect with the casting directors and agents so that when you leave the room they not only remember who you are, but they are ready to book you.  She also teaches her students how to be a valued commodity in this business by teaching them to be trained, professional actors by employing a genuine acting technique.  Since not all acting techniques are a fit for all actors, Pamela teaches her students both both The Stanislavski Method and The Meisner Method.  She then lets them decide which method works better for their approach to acting.  Pamela understands that not all methods work for all actors and she trains to the specific actor. 


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