How can The Studio for Professional Actors help your acting career?

Pamela will give you expert advice on "the business of the business". After 20 years working in this business as a professional actor and an acting coach Pamela knows what it take to make it in today's acting world. The training she will give you not only be in acting, but also in "the business of the business". She will teach you how to master this business... and quickly! For many of Pamela's students, this training is the most valuable aspect of the training she gives them.

Pamela has trained actors from 3 years old to 68 years old and every age in between. Pamela is extensively experienced in training children. She connects with the kids in such a way that they have fun while learning in their training sessions and can not wait for their next one! Pamela has had several young students book a job after the first 10 seconds of their audition, no callback or anything, they were just offered the job right on the spot! This is because of their firm understanding of acting technique, audition technique and how to connect with a role quickly.


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