"CJ Diehl started with Pamela when he was 10 and he is now 17 and currently working as an actor in Hollywood. His most current work to date is in the feature film, The Stream, shown in Regal Cinemas. Pamela was the inspiration that made CJs dream a reality. She put the stepping stones in place so he could develop his craft and become a marketable actor.There is so much to say about Pamela!"


~Kim Diehl (CJ's mom)



"We first met Pamela several years ago when our 12 year old son, JD Triolo wanted to become more serious about acting.  After only a phone call, we decided to hire Pamela as his acting coach.  She came to our house and worked with him one on one.  From the moment we met her we knew we had found someone who cared deeply about the profession of coaching and acting, and someone who could make a difference.  Right away Pamela was able to teach JD valuable tools about acting, and work with him to perform at a very top level.   She was instrumental in connecting and relating with JD to teach him the skills to become a better actor.  Since meeting Pamela, JD has landed several lead roles in 

major theatre productions in the Philadelphia area, including Young Patrick in Mame, opposite Andrea McArdle, and Michael Hobbs in Elf at The Walnut Street Theatre.  Pamela works extremely well with all children and really helps them to perfect their audition techniques, and reach their own individual potential.  As a result, we have recommended Pamela to several of JD’s peers and they have all been equally impressed and have benefited from Pamela’s tutelage."


~Barb Triolo

"Pamela Sheehan Decker has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and resource for us. My daughter Cole is 17 years old and has been training with Pamela since she was ten. Pamela has not only taught Cole technique, but given her confidence, practical experience, audition advice and referred her to several different agents and business reps. She even recently wrote Cole a letter of 

"recommendation that landed her an internship at the Act II  playhouse in Ambler, PA! This looks awesome on her college resume along with the other jobs and parts Pamela has helped her get. I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone whose child is interested in the business of acting! 


~Leslie Lederhandler

   Maple Glen, PA

"We have been so fortunate to have ''found' Pamela this past summer on Facebook through a mutual friend. Our twelve year old daughter, Charleston, has been acting for 3 years on stage for local theatre groups/community plays. We had spent a great deal of money and time on previous acting classes that were not up to par. Charlee was ready to take her acting to the next level but we didn't know how to go about doing this.  Pamela was, and still is, the answer! After working with Charlee privately (only three sessions!) Charlee was able to land her first ever audition playing Marta Von Trappe in the upcoming Sound of Music production at Steel River Playhouse. Pamela prepared Charlee for her audition and gave her the confidence and techniques she needed to land the role. She continues to work with Charlee through private lessons and also, through her monthly group workshops. We cannot thank Pamela enough for all she has done to restore Charlee's confidence. Pamela has an amazing rapport with all of her student actors. She is professional and kind, and truly has their best interests at heart."


~Leslee O'Donnell

  Malvern, PA

"Finding the Studio for Professional Actors proved pivotal in furthering my daughter’s acting career. After working with Pamela in private sessions and group classes for just over a year, Jillian was signed by a manager in L.A. Her work with Pamela on audition technique, dialogue, improvisation, and cold reads gave Jillian the foundation she needed to compete in the L.A. market.  Heading to Hollywood for her first pilot season, Jillian booked a guest star appearance on a Nickelodeon show, several sketch segments for DreamWorksTV on YouTube, and best of all, one of the lead roles in a show for Disney XD! This role required stellar improv skills—a component Pamela starts immediately with every student, knowing it is vital to any actor’s success.


Jillian and I also appreciated Pamela’s constant support and enthusiasm while we were in L.A.  She is a coach to both of us, and I can truly say that we would not have gotten this far without her."


~Sharon Spaeder (Jillian's mom)

 "Pamela Sheehan-Decker has been working with my daughter for two years now providing acting lessons. Lexi was cast in Elf at the Walnut Street Theatre last Christmas and we believe that Pamela was directly responsible for her being cast. Her coaching on the script secured a feature spot for Lexi in the production.Pamela has a wealth of knowledge and understanding about acting, plays, and working with children. My daughter cannot wait for her lesson with Pamela. She is completely reliable  and always comes to lessons on time. Some of Pamela's best qualities is her flexibility and her ability to listen and relate to children. She is organized and focused. Children seem to have fun and feel excited about their work with her. She is an asset to the acting and teaching sector."


~Ramona Gwynn (Lexi's mom)

"Pamela has been a great resource for Gabby and myself. After just one private coaching session Gabby booked her first role in a student film. Pamela has a wealth of knowledge about this industry and she is giving us the tools we need to navigate the business. I know Gabby is learning so much in her classes with Pamela and I really appreciate her professional advice."


~April Scarantino (Gabby's mom)

"Both of my children have been taking acting lessons from Pamela and The Studio for Professional Actors for several years.  She has prepared them both for numerous successful auditions and they have enjoyed learning how to become better actors.  She has a knack with children and continues to make the learning process fun while getting the job done.  I would highly recommend Pamela to parents looking to improve their children’s acting and in the process she will help them secure more roles at auditions."


~Lisa Beagan (Matthew and Devon's mom)